Who Should Run Your Social Media Accounts?

First, lets think about the question at hand.  Who should and who can run your social media accounts are two totally different questions.  Just because you can push the tweet button, doesn’t mean you should.

To me, this is where the first mistake comes in.  Putting someone in charge of your social media for the sole reason that they are “using” social media all of the time, isn’t right.  Although being familiar with these networks is essential, there are several other qualities and characteristics this person must posses.

  • Vision – a clear understanding of the organizations goals, direction, audience and language.
  • Creativity – able to develop content that resonates with your audience.
  • Knowledge of structure – someone who knows the “who’s who” so they are able to quickly find a content expert to answer any questions posed to your organization.  *This is key in such a broad topic as public health.  Remember, you can’t know it all.  If you do, you rule.
  • Innovative – able to come up with new and unique ways of using social media
  • Multi-tasker (think I just made up a word?) – able to juggle several tasks at one time, including: creating messaging, sending messaging, answering questions, scheduling, evaluating, etc.
  • Generous – …within reason.  It’s important to share content to be seen as a dynamic source of public health info and to build online relationships.  But, share within reason, and within line of your brand/organization.
  • Research – social media changes all of the time.  New platforms are launched all of the time and existing platforms are always changing to stay current.  This person has to stay on top of things through researching what’s new.

…and perhaps the most important…

  •  Trustworthy – the organization has to trust the individual driving your networks.  Without trust, there are rarely any of the above qualities I mentioned.

Pheuw. This person has a ton of qualities, anything else they need?


What do you think?

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