I’m practising meme-ing.

I'm practising meme-ing.

Sometimes I don’t get memes, sometimes I do. 🙂

Check out this blog dedicated to public health memes: http://publichealthmemes.tumblr.com/


6 responses to “I’m practising meme-ing.

  1. I don’t know why you think you need to practice. Your memes are so funny! I’m stealing this one, too!

    Thanks for stopping by the Tumblr, Jill. You look pretty funny, too, you should submit some ideas!

  2. Memes are great because its something people will actually talk about long after seeing it. How Often can you say that about something that doesn’t cost any money (other than your time)?

    • Glad you are a fan of memes DC! You’re right that memes are great little packets of humour and info that travel beyond the initial viewing – great bang for your buck!

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