Behaviour Change, Disease tracking & Social Media?

Use a condom. Eat your vegetables. Get walking. Sound familiar?

Wait. Maybe you tuned me out before I even finished typing! If you did, I won’t take it personally – many people have tuned out the fundamental behaviour change messaging that public health delivers, particularly around healthy lifestyles.  So how do we get them to tune back in?

Perhaps social media holds potential for reviving interest in behaviour change messaging. With it’s conversational style, pithy messaging and catchy memes – we may be able to un-bore the masses through an engagement-style revival of public health education.

What are the key ingredients for successful behaviour change messaging on social media?

By re-engaging folks in behaviour change education, we may also be able to learn more about what behaviours are happening on the ground in real-time. Does this hold the potential for disease-tracking on social media (beyond flu)? Perhaps for STIs, chronic illnesses and outbreaks?

I am moderating the Health Care and Social Media Canada (#hcsmca) chat this Wednesday at 1pm ET – we’ll be discussing these two topics.  Leave your thoughts below and join the conversation tomorrow!


One response to “Behaviour Change, Disease tracking & Social Media?

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