Transitions – Where are we now?

Times are changin’ and so are we. Corey and I have been extremely fortunate to contribute to the dynamo social media successes at Toronto Public Health and Ottawa Public Health. A new bend in both our rivers is taking us in different directions.

Corey is now a Strategic Initiatives Officer at Ottawa Fire Services and will be doing a variety of tasks from project work to strategic communications to report writing.

I am now a Digital Communications Senior Consultant at Argyle Communications. My first foray into something other than non-profit and government! Nervous and very excited.

Our new paths are still saturated with social media and with the enthusiasm for engagement, creativity and communications, that brought us into health communications. While we both will still be working in communications, the health component of our expertise will be diversified (still present!) with new areas of content, new ways of doing communications and new applications of PR tools.

You can’t shake the health out of us, and we will still be drawing on our extensive knowledge of social media and public health communications for the blog. The content of the blog will evolve as we evolve in our new roles. What does that look like? We’re not sure yet, but we do want to hear from you. In time, we hope our new experiences and skills will help you infuse your social media and public health efforts with a diversified set of tools and tips that we gain as insiders-turned-outsiders.


3 responses to “Transitions – Where are we now?

  1. Nicole and Corey, Congratulations on your new positions! I am sorry to hear that the public health community has lost two social media champions to other endeavours, but happy for others to have picked you two up. Your work in starting this blog and raising the profile and possibilities of social media within public health is to be commended. We (public health) as a sector have been pretty slow to get into this game and the fundamental benefits of building relationships through social media seem too important to ignore. Thanks for not ignoring it and adding to the dialogue. Best wishes to you both in your new positions!

    • Cameron, thank you for your warm sentiments and congratulations. We appreciate the enthusiastic support you’ve given us since we launched and look forward to still working together with you.
      You’re so right about the sector being slow, we’ve had a blast adding to the dialogue, and surely will come full circle again at some point with reinvigorated with transferable skills! 🙂 We will both keep in touch with you!

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