The Culture Shift

Lol.  As I wrote out The Culture Shift I couldn’t help but think of a movie title, can’t you picture it? Probably a drama or intense thriller starring DiCaprio or something.

Anyway, let me explain the title of my post.

The Culture Shift is a slow and difficult ride that takes patience, hard work, confidence and knowledge to overcome.  If you are a social media manager within the public sector, I am sure you experience it everyday.


I’m referring to the culture within your organization; the shift from traditional to new and modern media.  How, as social media managers are we going to shift traditional minds to incorporate social media into their communications plans and project objectives?

Now, not all individuals are opposed to social media, and for those who are, it really is not their fault.  They may be doing the same project for 15, 20 years, and it’s working! Your task however, is to prove to them social media will make it that much better.

How? Well, as mentioned, you need:


The Culture Shift is a long process.  You could not possibly reach every mind within the organization over night.  Some minds take longer than others, and some minds need more attention.  The important thing is to remain positive and to not get frustrated, especially with your colleagues.

Hard Work

Get your story out there.  Do “road shows” and ask to take part in team meetings to talk about social media with your colleagues.  Offer to give some one on one advice if needed. Showcase the benefits of social media and don’t forget to give concrete examples of how it can fit into their everyday work and enhance their projects.


Don’t be cocky, be confident.  Believe in the work you do and prove that social media is the right thing for your organization. People don’t want to feel patronized because of their lack of experience, they want to feel inspired by your expertise.


Know your craft.  When you’re speaking with colleagues, make sure you can relate social media to their work.  Use metaphors!

How have you contributed to The Culture Shift? What advice would you give to others?


What do you think?

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