Public Health and Social Media: Catching Fire From Small Sparks

Great post on the public sector joining the conversation and behaving like a social entity!


Public health is regrettably not a field that I often think of when I consider powerful examples of using social media for change and impact, but every so often something changes that.

Monday something changed.

Toronto Public Health, one of the largest health units of its kind in North America, took to Twitter to voice its concern over the hiring of Jenny McCarthy as a co-host of the popular talk show “The View“.

The issue at hand is Ms McCarthy’s vocal advocacy of non-vaccination for children and support for widely discredited and fraudulent scientific claims about the nature of autism and its link to childhood vaccination. On Monday they took to Twitter and suggested to their followers that they voice their concerns to the TV show about the hire and the message its new host sends out.

The single tweet caused a tempest well-beyond teapots.Twitter and mainstream…

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