Back in the saddle! Chats, conferences and Halloween.

We’ve been quietly lurking around – wandering but not lost. Digesting our new jobs and figuring out how all the amazing new public and private sector knowledge can be applied to what we share here with you.

We kicked off our transition to new roles, outside of public health, with some very public health-y content on Jenny McCarthy and vaccines and dealing with haters. New roles are challenging and come with big learning curves. We think this = big opportunities for reflecting, stewing and innovation. So we’re back in the saddle, glad you are still here!

What’s coming up?

Healthcare and social media chat in Canada (#hcsmca)

Today, I’m moderating the weekly #hcsmca chat at 1pm ET. One of my favourite communities to be a part of and definitely one of the best times I’ve had in moderating a chat, I’m looking forward to it! If you’re curious, be sure to check out the topics:

Workshop at the Healthy Toronto Conference

Corey and I are co-presenting at the Healthy Toronto Conference on Friday (find them on Twitter and check out their fun sticker campaign). They have a brilliant panel and some fantastic workshops.  We’re delivering a workshop on usefulness. Not the wash the dishes/take out the trash kind of usefulness. We’re talking about how to deliver health content that matters to people’s needs. We want to spark discussion that moves health on social media away from the push-messaging and into meaningful messaging that matters because it speaks to the interests of the audience. Join us! If you can’t make it, we’ll be posting our presentation materials on here.


It’s my favourite time of year, as I am costume crazy. Last year, friends and I attended the Marilyn Dennis Show’s Spooktacular event – mostly to just have an excuse to be in costume midday. I proudly flaunted my homemade Zombie Peacock.


This year my costume is currently in pieces in my living room. I like mash-up costumes – so stay tuned for this year’s mythical creature. I would love to hear what you other costume-obsessed folks are going as. What would be a creative health halloween costume?


What do you think?

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