About the blog

Why public health and social media?

Because conversation makes public health better.  Social interactions put the ‘public’ in ‘public health’. We’ve had a lot of experience being on both the receiving and delivering ends of social media – we’re here to share tips to make public health awesome in the social media universe.

Why might you find this blog useful?

We think you’ll find this blog useful because it’s based on our inspiration from the online front-line. As community managers, we’ve learned a lot about what works, what doesn’t and what could work but is difficult to sell.

Social media can seem intimidating or overwhelming at first. When we started practicing social media for public health, we did a lot of googling and networking to learn about best practices. Other areas of health, for example health care, have well-established communities of practice.  Public health seemed to need its own space to swap stories, share best practices and celebrate successes.

We’re here to share our insights and learn from yours.


Toronto Public Health and Ottawa Public Health are bravely and aptly leveraging the power of social media to expand the effectiveness and relevance of public health communications in Ontario.  However, the content in this blog does not represent the opinion of our employers.


What do you think?

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