Talk to us!

We love connecting with other geeks, gurus and newbies interested in social media and public health!

Do you have a public health and social media challenge? An example of public health awesomeness in social media? Or are you just interested in saying hello? 🙂

Drop us a line at: publichealthandsocialmedia[at]

or tweet us at @TodayIsBananas or @xCoreyDx


3 responses to “Talk to us!

  1. Hi there,
    I was just sent your blog and want you to be aware of a couple of social media initiatives from the Halton Region Public Health Department: HaltonParents ( is a parenting resource with public health nurses tweeting (@haltonparents) and blogging ( – FB coming soon). SexHealthyHalton is on FB. We’d love to see ourselves on the list!!

  2. congratulations to you both! thank you for enlightening and inspiring so many in the social media world!

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