Who are we?

Nicole Ghanie-Opondo, Digital Media Obsessed-Health Communications Nut
I like the ‘social’ in ‘social media’.  My humble beginnings started in publishing community health blogs and administering Facebook pages for youth groups.  I brought the frontline to the online through social media community management. I am fortunate to have helped pioneer social media at Toronto Public Health. I am now a proud member of the Argyle Communications family as a Senior Digital Consultant. My favourite piece of advice:  ‘Just sign up, and play with it!’. Check me out on LinkedIn.
Corey Desormeaux, Social Media and Public Health Dude

I began my journey in health promotion as a Youth Facilitator promoting healthy nutrition and physical activity in high schools around the Ottawa area.  As my interest in new media and communications blossomed I found myself seeking opportunities in the field.  Shortly there after I was leading Ottawa Public Health’s social media strategy and shifting some of the communication avenues the department had been using.   I am now honoured and proud to work for Ottawa Fire Services where I provide strategic direction and input on communications and media, as well as the project management of key departmental initiatives. I am passionate about communications, new media, music, tattoos and sports.

Check me out on LinkedIn. & Twitter


Toronto Public Health and Ottawa Public Health are bravely and aptly leveraging the power of social media to expand the effectiveness and relevance of public health communications in Ontario.  However, the content in this blog does not represent the opinion of our employers.


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